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Who Wins the Democratic Candidacy Based on Voice and Speech? Clinton or Obama? March 13, 2008

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If you had only a quick amount of time to study the democratic candidates and then vote for your favorite, you would base your decision on the way the candidate sounds and looks.  Who would you vote for between Clinton and Obama based on the way that each one sounds? 

I believe that most Americans will vote for their favorite candidate based on a deeper picture and understanding of the candidates’ belief systems and strategies.  But there are probably a number of people who don’t get into politics like others. They choose a candidate based on some other quirky reason that has nothing to do with the individual’s politics: the candidate comes from their home state, the candidate has a cool name, the candidate looks like a good friend, the candidate shook my hand, etc.  Why wouldn’t there be some people who vote for the one who sounds the best? The way a person sounds adds to the charisma factor.

I think both candidates offer their own unique communication style.  Whether you are a democrat or a republican, if you had to choose which one would it be?




1. Jay Speyerer - August 16, 2008

The quality of Hillary Clinton’s voice is, to these ears, a bit sharp and strident. Obama’s is more mellow, but he tends to fall into the same repetitive cadences. To me, neither gets an A in oratory.

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