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Vote to Change the Voice of the Automatic Cashier! April 2, 2008

Posted by lyndastucky in Communication.
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I wonder if people would spend more money at the grocery store if the voice of the automatic teller (“Welcome, your card has been scanned.”) was another voice?

People respond more favorably to certain types of voices, speech patterns and communication styles.  I can imagine that some people would really enjoy hearing a sexy, breathy greeting from Marilyn Monroe or the deep, melting voice of Barry White.  Maybe the intellectuals would love to hear the captivating voices of Walter Cronkite or Tom Brokaw.  I know there would be plenty of Steelers fans going to hear the shrill voice of the late Myron Cope (“Howdy, that’s a double Yoi!, your card has been scanned.”).  Maybe in other parts of the country, some sports-types would like to hear the voice of Greg Gumbel.

A poll was taken on this very topic once and the voice of Don LaFontaine won as the appealing voice people want to hear! (“In a world where groceries need to be scanned, welcome!”)  If you don’t know who he is, think about the voice that does most previews to movies.

Since everyone might feel differently about who sounds better and who is worth spending more time at the cashier and consequently, worth spending more money at the grocery store, I think stores should offer choices for us to go to with at least five different voices.  The name of each voice is visible on the sign above and shoppers pick which cashier they want to go to.  Doing a little market research, the grocery store could determine which voice is the most popular.  For their demographics, which line do people spend the most money?  This could be a goldmine for the grocery store!  Let’s get busy making a positive worthwhile change.  Who would you like to hear next time you go to the store? 

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