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Copycat Speech November 6, 2008

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Tina Fey did a wonderful job imitating Sara Palin (all in good fun) by evaluating carefully the speech mannerisms and pronunciation of Palin’s speech. She did a great job capturing her dialect and overall facial expressions and vocal mannerisms. She was believable. There is an interview with Tina Fey on NPR where she discusses how she studied Sara Palin to impersonate her.

I tell a lot of my clients who want to improve the way they speak, to listen and watch people they admire and determine what it is about their speech they like.  I also insist on listening to the speech of others whose mannerisms are less than desirable, and determine what is it about their speech that portrays poorly.  Of course, this takes a good knowledge of the aspects of speech that can be modifiable.

When looking closely at the speech of others, pay attention to pitch, loudness, diction, resonance, pronunciation, vocabulary, vocal quality (e.g. hoarseness), pausing, word fillers, rhythm of speech, intonation, rate of speech etc.  These are the areas of speech and voice that can be manipulated to some extent to create a new sound. 

You can do this to if you want to make changes in your speech.  Watch those around you and take notes about what you hear and see.  Then practice it yourself and try it out at your next big presentation.



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