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Foreign Accent Syndrome: Suffering a Stroke and Then Speaking With an Accent January 12, 2009

Posted by lyndastucky in Communication.
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We all know that a stroke can cause speech and language difficulties but have you ever heard of acquiring a foreign accent after suffering a stroke or another type of traumatic brain injury?  I had never heard of this until recently.

“A University of Central Florida speech expert has diagnosed an extremely rare disorder in a Sarasota woman that caused her to speak with a British accent after she suffered a stroke. The case of Foreign Accent Syndrome — a disorder linked to stroke-related or other internal brain injuries that leaves affected people with a foreign-sounding accent — is one of fewer than 20 reported worldwide since 1919, according to Jack Ryalls, professor of communicative disorders at UCF. From University of Central Florida:”


If anyone has ever experienced this syndrome or knows someone who has, please email me or post a comment!



1. Mark Rosenthal - February 15, 2009

I am a dentist. Yesterday, a patient of mine came to my office. She told me that she had suffered a stroke and now speaks like the Queen Mom, with a strong British accent. She was diagnosed with this syndrome. She had no other side effects. If you would like, I will contact her and ask if she is willing to get in touch with you.

2. lyndastucky - February 16, 2009

Hi Mark,
Yes, I’d love to talk to her. Have her contact me if she is interested at lynda@clearly-speaking.com. Or she can visit my website at http://www.clearly-speaking.com Thanks so much! Lynda

3. Alexwebmaster - March 3, 2009

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