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Silence is Golden? January 20, 2009

Posted by lyndastucky in Communication.

As we celebrate Better Business Communicaiton Day on January 22, discover ways to use words and a vocal tone that is humbling, sincere, gracious and understanding.  

Silence is golden, or is it?  The words we use every day are key to our success. In fact, words make our lives so meaningful.  On inauguration day, it was evident how words can provide hope and courage.  We heard President Barack Obama inspire us despite the huge obstacles ahead in our country.  He used words like assure, transform, can, will do, imagine, reform, courage, and restore. How different would we feel if he had selected less positive words? 

The way in which we deliver those words also influences us.  President Obama conveyed a tone of confidence and comfort.  He did that by lengthening his vowels and taking long pauses to deliver a speech that was unhurried.   He also used tremendous vocal variety to hold our interest and convey an open, friendly, discourse.  If you listened really closely, you were aware of several rate of speech changes as well.  This competency is achievable for anyone who desires to be approachable with a tone that is confident, enthusiastic and warm.



1. coffee - January 21, 2009

Obama’s speech was really good; i appreciate his candor and general classiness

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