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What To Do When Someone Accidently Spits While Speaking March 23, 2009

Posted by lyndastucky in Communication.
  1. Has this ever happened to you?  You are listening to someone speak and all of a sudden spit flies out of their mouth accidently onto you.   If you know someone who spits while speaking and you have been a recipient, what can you do?  This is what I found out on the internet:

1. Realize that the amount of saliva they are producing is most likely out of their control.
2. Step back.  This is probably the most polite option.
3. Avoid watching their mouths when the other person speaks.  Making eye contact will help you forget about the spitting and increase the self-confidence of the speaker.
4. Use your best judgment about saying something.  It may be that the person doesn’t realize they are spitting. They may want to know.  You may also want to give subtle cues by wiping the place where it landed.

Do you have a tactful suggestion for handling this situation?   I’d like to know!



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