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The First Few Minutes March 31, 2009

Posted by lyndastucky in Communication.

Are you approachable?  Are you open?  Did you know that your listener decides this about you in the first three minutes?  If you wish to convey openness in your communication, be an initiator of the conversation, listen intently, share, understand and comfort.  If you can get the listener to share with you early in the encounter, you will understand them better and then be able to determine your approach with that person.  If you have access to a video tape and can record yourself engaging in conversation with another person, you can get a lot of clues about your personal approach and style.



1. William Weil - April 7, 2009

I love this post. Now, I’ve heard (from Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink”) that it’s pretty much the first three SECONDS that matter most. Thoughts?

lyndastucky - April 7, 2009

Hi Bill,
I agree except I think you get more like seven seconds to make a first impression. Do you know how we go to networking events and get 30 seconds to say who we are? Well, the first sentence will determine whether the listeners continue to listen to you and whether you are “memorable” (as Simon Cowell on American Idol would say). The way you sound will be an important part of that decision and seven seconds is about one sentence. As you share more and listen to others, they will further develop their impression of your openness and determine future “approachability.”
Thanks for the post!

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