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Five Reasons to Speak More Clearly in the Workplace! April 2, 2009

Posted by lyndastucky in Communication.
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Here are just five reasons to speak more clearly at work (in backwards order):


#5. To improve credibility and trust.  Your speech and voice tell so much about you from education level to your likability.  Do you sound angry or friendly, confident or unskilled, uninterested or engaged?  The way you express yourself gives your listener clues.


#4. To be better understood so that colleagues know what you want and your customers want to buy from you.  When the speaker is unclear and unintelligible, many opportunities are missed.


#3. To look like a professional.  A professional image can be shattered the moment we open our mouths to speak.  We all tend to pay attention to articulate people.


#2. To increase your chance of getting a promotion.  Communication skills (or lack thereof) can be  “stoppers or stallers” for the people who want to climb the corporate ladder.  Don’t let poor communication skills derail your career!


#1. To improve your self-confidence.  A self-confident person is someone we all want to do business with!  The manner in which we speak correlates highly with self-confidence levels. 


Speak more clearly to captivate, engage and inspire your listeners whether you are speaking to one person or a roomful of people.




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