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May is Better Speech and Hearing Month! May 1, 2009

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May is Better Speech and Hearing Month!  Let’s celebrate by learning more about speech in the workplace. 

What is the difference between a Speech or Voice coach and a Speech Language Pathologist (or Speech Pathologist). 

The biggest difference between the two disciplines is what the professional concentrates on with the client in training.  Voice coaching deals with the technique of speaking and using the voice effectively and dynamically.  By adjusting the way in which something is said, the meaning of the message can become clearer, more effective and more interesting.  Typical training might include diction, foreign accent modification, conciseness, intonation dynamics, etc.

Voice/speech therapy deals with the treatment of a speech or voice disorder like stuttering, vocal nodules, vocal polyps, word finding problems, or language/cognitive deficits due to a head injury stroke, etc. 

Both types of training should be done with someone who has an advanced graduate training in speech and/or voice issues like a Speech Language Pathologist.   There are many executive coaches with a background in Speech Pathology now coaching individuals in the corporate world with dynamic speaking skills and accent modification.



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