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Now You’re Talking! August 21, 2009

Posted by lyndastucky in Communication.
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Thinking about finally getting around to writing that book? How about speaking it instead! Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking software allows you to use your voice to write via computer. It sounds cool and apparently is rather easy to learn. It comes with about fifteen minutes of training, a 300,000 word vocabulary and allows you to control the mouse, search the web and choose browser links in addition to the obvious word processing applications. The software recognizes eight different regional U.S. accents as well as a few foreign ones.

Depending on which version you use (Standard, Preferred or Professional) you can listen to what you’ve dictated either in your own voice or computer synthesized. Not only does this help you review what you’ve written, but could also serve as a useful tool to critique your speaking voice.

So whether you’re looking to take advantage of a faster method than the old hunt and peck or maybe you just burnt all your fingertips on the pizza pan, Dragon Naturally Speaking sounds like it’s worth a closer look.

Joshua Brockman’s review of Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking:


Official site for Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking software:


Have you tried this software? What has your experience been?



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